Shutter Manufacturing Warpage Comparison


The following is from an article in “Fine Woodworking” magazine.

The best way to identify a woods proclivity to warping without using subjective terms such as fair, good, or better is with the numbers. The United States Department of Agriculture; “Wood Handbook: Wood an Engineering Material” publishes the percent shrinkage for each species of domestically grown hardwood and softwood. The percent shrinkage indicates a wood's stability. There are 3 numbers to consider: tangential and radial shrinkage, taken on their own, and the ratio of the two. As the ratio of tangential to radial shrinkage gets higher, wood is more prone to warping.


Warpage Chart

The above shows Poplar 26% more prone to warp than Basswood and Pine 22% more prone to warp than Incense Cedar.

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